No Insurance? No Problem.

If you're in need of a doctor's visit but don't have insurance, don't worry. LaSante Health can get you signed up for Medicaid right here in our office. Our Medicaid specialist, Samantha Noel, schedules appointents with patients so that she can assist you throughout the entire process. If you need to be signed up for Medicaid, be sure to mention that when making an appointment so that Samantha can reach out to you to set up a time to meet.

It's important to note that Medicaid is a Federal-State health insurance program for people with limited income and resources.

Here's a brief overview of what you can expect when coming in to sign up for Medicaid:

Typically, it takes about an hour, maybe more, to get signed up for Medicaid. When you come in for your appointment with Samantha, you need to bring your social security card, green card or passport, and your W2. These documents are necessary in case proof of these documents is needed for the application.

To sign up, you'll have to create an account with New York State of Health. The application will ask you detailed questions about yourself and your household. To determine if you're eligible for Medicaid, you will have to list your income in the application. Depending on when you complete the application, determines when your coverage will start. If you submit the application between the 1st to the 15th of the month, coverage will begin the following month. If you submit the application beween the 16th to the 31st, coverage won't start until the month following the next month.

You will have to pick a health plan of your choice, and you have 90 days to make any changes to your plan. Once you are approved, you can see your doctor without having to worry. 

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