Postpartum Depression

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Postpartum depression affects one in eight women in the United States, so you’re not alone if you feel lost or hopeless after your baby’s birth. At LaSante Health Center, diagnostic evaluations are available online and in the office for women with postpartum depression symptoms. The experienced psychiatric team takes an integrative, compassionate approach to managing your mental and emotional health needs so you can enjoy life with your new baby. Call the office in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens area of Brooklyn, New York, to schedule a postpartum depression screening or book an appointment online today.

Postpartum depression Q & A

What is postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression is a serious mental health condition that can develop in women following pregnancy and childbirth.

While many women experience some level of sadness or anxiousness (known as the “baby blues”) soon after giving birth, some women continue to feel hopeless or worthless for weeks or months after delivering their child.

LaSante Health Center provides compassionate, integrative care for mothers of all ages struggling with postpartum depression symptoms. The experienced psychiatric team can meet with you virtually through the online telemedicine platform, so you don’t have to leave home for a mental health evaluation.

They also offer in-office appointments to assess your mental and emotional needs and customize a care plan to help you feel like yourself again.

What are the symptoms of postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression might initially look like the baby blues in the early stages. However, depression symptoms are typically longer-lasting and more intense.

Schedule a postpartum depression screening at LaSante Health Center if you experience:

  • Irritability or anger
  • Severe mood swings
  • Excessive crying
  • Persistent low energy
  • Desire to withdraw from others
  • Challenges bonding with your baby
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions

Without treatment, postpartum depression can lead to thoughts or actions of self-harm and suicide. If you’re thinking of harming yourself or someone else, seek immediate medical attention at the nearest hospital emergency room or call 988 for the suicide and crisis hotline.

The LaSante Health Center team can manage your postpartum depression treatment after your hospital discharge.

How is postpartum depression treated?

Your treatment plan for postpartum depression may include a combination of psychotherapy and antidepressant medications.

The LaSante Health Center team designs a treatment program to ensure lasting symptom relief so you can bond with and care for your baby. 

Call LaSante Health Center to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for symptoms of postpartum depression or book an appointment online today.