Optometry and Quality Eye Care Access

The optometry profession is a combination of public health, service delivery, practice management, educational, and legal initiatives specific to every country's educational, regulatory, and cultural frameworks.

WCO aims to establish a common standard of global optometric care for the public's well-being. Optometry may extend far beyond correcting the refractive error, but its core business does center around the refractive error mainly.

Globally, the statistics tell us that the most significant cause of blindness to date remains uncorrected refractive error and the major reason for visual impairment. Optometrists play a vital role in helping us see the vital connection between our overall well-being and health and our eyes' condition.

Optometrists can diagnose and address vision problems, eye disorders, dispense and prescribe contact lenses and glasses and offer expert advice on the eye care you need. Here is what you can expect from an optometrist who delivers quality eye care for you:

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